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Being licensed both as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and an Acupuncturist and Herbalist provides me a vantage perspective that helps me bridge the body-emotion-mind continuum. This allows me to tailor the best treatment protocol for your care. Some people require that we focus on their physical ailment(s) only, so for them acupuncture and/or herbal supplements is the modality we’ll use. Others are better served through psychotherapy where we’ll identify and process what prevents them from living the more fulfilling life they want for themselves. And for many, a mixture of both acupuncture and psychotherapy provides a holistic and integral approach to a more satisfying and empowering life.

With 30+ years of clinical experience in a variety of healing modalities I can tailor your treatment to match your specific needs. I am trained – and licensed when granted – in the following:

These therapeutic modalities allow me to bridge the gap between all dimensions of your being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual/ religious for those who relate. They can be used seamlessly together, or separately.